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I'm Fall in Love !

( dengan nama Allah yang maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang )
Alhamdulillah.. syukur kepada Allah kerana masih lagi beri peluang kepada kite sume bernafas di dunia ini..
alhamdulillah :)
jadi.. what are you waiting for ?
come on! smile with me.... one two three.. cheese.... hehehe
so, what do you feel right now?Are you feel more comfortable than before right now?
if your answer is " SURE " Alhamdulillah .. :)
if you are not... hurm, it's okay.. just keep in touch reading my entry okay..
our days not ever happy always, isn't right? 
hehehe.. okay, lets start..
as my entry's title above... hehehe...
I actually........... Falling in Love..
anybody feel same feeling like me ? hehehe... 
if " YES " lets give me " five " hahaha... just for my muhrim kay.. hehe..
ignore the joke~  hehe..
on Saturday ( 8.9.2012 ) I'm not in a mood actually..then, my mood came back after my best friend, Anis Syakirah,give me " A Mushaf " 
My new Kitab <3
Thank you very3 much Anis.... Saaaaaayang Anis.. hehe
my feeling............... I'm very..very.. happy ! Alhamdulillah..
Such along time.... huhuhu.. I felt so sad when I got knew that I wanna seat in Pmr Exam next month~
just a few days more. can be count! but, I just take it easy~ 
I make it as my new challenge! 
What I know is. ( I have to work hard and smart on it )
study.. study.. study...
since the Mushaf in my hand, I can't let it off from my hand.
i feel I'm Fall in love with it...
Only Allah knows... 
I start being friend with it..
always hug it... always read it.. always trying to memorize the surah2, and always happy and crying with it.
such sweet ones! I hope I never forget it forever ever..
So, the conclution is...
 " I'm Fall in Love with Mushaf Al-Quran Karim "

quran in the red colour is my brother's own. not mine.. I used  it before I  use  my new Mushaf.
but... it is not the sign I will forget it . Never! still be there company me...

hurm.. which one to ask? ouh.. the purple one? hehe.. that is my Quran  since I start  Khatam .
but, actually it is the second one.. before that, I used a Blue colour ones. it is the first ever I start  used  Quran. :')
miss it... 

the black ones.. my tasbih.. :)
nowadays.. I already changed it. ( white ones ! )
hope for  a gift from somebody I love ~ hehe..
just kidding ;p

take a note : if the members who didn't feeling okay .. 
this is the " bidder " for You...
I trust 100% ! if you trust on me.. try it..
if you trust on Allah... be Responsible as a Muslim '
Salam Alaik'

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